New York USA

Haile Clacken Bipolar Foundation, Inc. invited all members to its annual meeting on September 16, 2018. The president, Mrs. Lilieth Clacken and Treasurer, Mr. Delver Charlery, provided reports on the foundation’s first year was positive in terms of membership commitment and financial resourcing.   The president noted that the Foundation’s focus in year two is to develop its network to support the mission. Guest Speaker, Mrs. Tashayla Williams, founder of Life Embodied Therapy spoke about her journey to becoming a therapist and the impact of art/music and the creative form as part of the treatment.  Members in attendance were also entertained by dub poet, Richie Innocent, who gave a special performance. With the focus on community education, Mrs. Clacken’s closing remarks as she accepted her position as the re-elected president,  noted that when we replace the I in illness, we get wellness.

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