Message from the parents of Haile Clacken


The Corporation, Haile Clacken Bipolar Foundation Inc., is organized and shall be operated for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (1986), as amended, (the “Code”). The Corporation is formed to provide relief for those in the public that are directly and indirectly affected by bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses by conducting public outreach, providing information and promoting initiatives that heighten public awareness of the challenges facing individuals with mental disorders as a means of improving attitudes and dispelling misconceptions, stigma and stereotypes about mental disorders.


The Corporation shall undertake the following activities and services in furtherance of those purposes:
  •  Public educational initiatives to promote awareness of the complex issues related to mental illnesses;
  • Relief and resources for individuals directly affected by mental illnesses;
  • Referral service to area health and wellness organizations, programs and hotlines for individuals directly and indirectly affected by mental disorders;
  • Support meetings for individuals directly affected by mental illnesses; and
  • Advocacy initiatives and all lawful activities and services that may be useful in accomplishing the forgoing purposes.
  • Nothing herein shall be construed as authorizing the Corporation to own, operate or maintain programs or provide services and engage in activities for the mentally ill that require approval by the New York State Office of Mental Health as enumerated in Article 31 of the Mental Hygiene Law. Nothing herein shall authorize the Corporation to engage in or include among its purposes any of the activities mentioned in Section 404(q) of the NYS Not-for-Profit Law.